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Mindfulness courses in Marlow. Philippa Ilincic bio. Owner of Positive Mind Group.

My Bio

My name is Philippa Ilincic and I believe that we were given this life for a purpose. I want to share transformational tools and techniques with people that will allow them to live their best life and fulfil their true potential. My aim is to help people take away the stress and struggle of everyday life. To give them the ability to design and create the life that they desire, to retake control and regain balance in their work, life and relationships, whilst learning how to seek opportunities for growth, success and lasting happiness.

I learned from one of the best in the World; my trainer, coach, mentor and good friend, the World Number One Wisdom Coach, Vikas Malkani. He has taken centuries of wisdom from history's greatest thinkers and condensed it into a Blueprint on how to live your best life.

I believe the puzzle of unlocking and creating the positive mind is now answered. Life is a process and with these simple, easy to understand and implement tools and techniques, we can all learn how to challenge our fears, anxieties and shortcomings, to break through invisible barriers holding us back and grow making positive routes forwards.





How Positive Mind Group came about. Philippa Ilincic and Vikas Malkani. SoulKids mentors.

How did Positive Mind Group Come About?

It was a chance meeting and talk given by Vikas Malkani, (World No. 1 Wisdom Coach,) on the importance of life skills for children, that I stumbled into an opportunity for higher learning. This connection was life changing and inspired me to discover my passions and share this knowledge and experience with others through my company Positive Mind Group.

After introducing the award winning SoulKids life skills programme that Vikas Malkani created, to my children I was amazed and impressed at the results. I wanted to share this with others and worked hard to attain the certifications to teach children in groups and on a 1-to-1 level.

I believe in the importance of the stories, activities and lessons, to focus not only on calming the mind but teaching kids to reach inside themselves and find their self-confidence, self-esteem, leadership, teamwork, resilience, focus, positive thinking and self-awareness.

Opening a child's minds to understand how a positive mindset and a suitcase full of tools will allow them to grow, succeed and be happy in life is hugely inspiring to me. Gifting these skills at a young age, so that children are confident to deal with all the challenges life will throw at them, is something I would love to share with every child, as the results are phenomenal – it really works!

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My Approach

I believe that bringing awareness and understanding to people's root issues is the first step at Positive Mind Group.  Utilising a trademarked blueprint life process and sharing key tools and techniques allows individuals to break through the invisible barriers holding them back. Most importantly it enables people to make active choices in their life to drive them forward, attract new positive opportunities in their life and create the life that they desire, one of joy, happiness and success.

Understanding our inner self, our thoughts, feelings and actions is key to creating and sustaining positive change moving forwards. I believe it is important that the coach or mentor you choose to guide you on this journey, is authentic and lives by the same rules that they teach. With Positive Mind Group you will experience evidence of this throughout the sharing and learning process that you go through. It makes the content feel more personal and relatable, which builds trust and gives support on your journey to creating the life that you desire.

“Inspirational and transformational!” – those are the words that I uttered when asked how I felt after I took the courses that I now teach on the Meditation and Mindfulness programmes in Marlow, at Positive Mind Group. I am passionate about helping others fulfil their true potential, to make life great, so that every morning you can get up with a smile on your face and feel that drive and purpose to start the day in a positive way.

The more wisdom you bring into your life in the form of mindfulness and meditation, the more you will understand what you do not want to attract into your life which in turn allows you to gain clarity in making the right decisions for a positive and healthy mindset and focus on what you do want in your life.

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Reduce stress, anxiety and depression. My approach to mindfulness and meditation.





Mindfulness courses in Marlow. Why choose Positive Mind Group.

Why Me and Positive Mind Group?

I feel that I am at ease relating to people in any given situation, to groups and to children as well. This is a little from my background in marketing but mostly I believe, it is just who I am. To feel comfortable within the presence of someone, or to share some of the same mind space can be very personal. For this you need an authentic, balanced person, with a warm rapport as a coach and mentor, values of which I believe I have. 

I have trained for many years with the best in Asia and I now live by these teachings. I regard the tools and techniques that I provide on my Meditation and Mindfulness courses in Marlow are a gift worthy of sharing. I want to change as many people's lives as possible, so they can live more joyful, happy and successful lives.

My Meditation and Mindfulness courses in Marlow, Buckinghamshire are for everyone of all ages. Whether you are 6 years old, or 46 years old, a student, housewife, father or CEO, my teachings are suitable for every individual - we all deserve to find balance, inner peace and a stress free life. For more information contact Positive Mind Group at

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“We attract  more of what we seek .  Make that a positive choice, for a bright future and a happy and successful life.”

- Philippa Ilincic Owner of Positive Mind Group


“This is your one life, make it the best life, make a difference, leave a legacy and create magical memories, for these are the  only things  that you can and should take with you – allow yourself to shine!”

- Philippa Ilincic Owner of Positive Mind Group


“You are the author of  your own  life story.”

- Vikas Malkani, No. 1 Wisdom Coach




Positive Mind Group. Soul Centre. Meditation and Mindfulness courses in Marlow.

Positive Mind Group. Soul Kids. Meditation and Mindfulness courses in Marlow.

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