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Benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation is an ancient practice that enables you to train and focus your mind to be peaceful, positive and powerful.  Mindfulness is a part of meditation and is the art of focusing your mind to the internal and external experiences you are undergoing.

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Countless studies have shown that meditation and mindfulness have a range of benefits for both mental and physical improvements to the body and mind. These include positive mood, calm mind, increased patience, stress reduction, stabilising emotion, controlling anger and reducing anxiety.

Meditation and Mindfulness also increases focus and concentration in the brain for better decision making and increased learning potential. Health benefits include a stronger immune system, regulation of blood pressure levels, increases energy, slowing of the ageing process, relaxation of the nervous system, all of which improve the flow of energy within the mind and body. 


Once the techniques are learnt Meditation and Mindfulness can be used at any time, allowing you to create clarity of mind and be able to make the positive changes you want in your life.

I teach meditation and mindfulness from Vikas Malkani’s (The Worlds No. 1 Wisdom Coach,) unique programme of meditation which draws upon centuries of ancient wisdom. It is much more than just a technique and is aimed at changing your life for the better, so you can find the success and happiness you seek. The programmes are designed to be simple, short, fun and amazingly effective.

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Course 1: Meditation Made Simple: £123

the foundation course - hours it takes

Meditation Made Simple is the starting point, the foundation course for Positive Mind Group. A life changing programme created by the World No. 1 Wisdom Coach, Vikas Malkani, it offers quick, simple and powerful techniques to calm the mind, find inner peace and create lasting happiness, with immediate effects.

Meditation Made Simple will enable you to learn how meditation can be incorporated into your daily life, a supportive presence that offers techniques which can be used at work, home, or whilst on the move and can be effective within as little as 30 seconds. The techniques empower you to reduce feelings of stress, fear, anxiety that can rush in at any given moment and regain control, bringing about a calm and peace mind swiftly. Amazing and inspiring, these bite sized techniques will change your life for the better.  You will be able to stabilise your emotions, manage your stress levels and increase clarity, focus and concentration for key decision making. Meditation Made Simple is the first step in creating your optimal life filled with peace, happiness and success in your work, life and relationships.

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Mindfulness courses in Marlow. Meditation made simple. Re-balance your body and mind. Woman remotely meditating.





Mindfulness courses in Marlow. Meditation in action. Re-balance your body and mind.

Course 2: Meditation in Action - £199

Stage 2 in your Meditation and Mindfulness journey - hours it takes

A course that will deepen your understanding of Meditation and Mindfulness.  Meditation in Action delves further into the concepts taught in Meditation Made Simple, including ‘the Anchors of Meditation’, ‘The Laws of the Mind’, and most importantly the ‘Human Trinity Model’ a trademarked process by Vikas Malkani, the World No. 1 Wisdom coach, which has revolutionised meditation teaching worldwide.

Learn about powerful techniques to incorporate into your life that will help you develop a positive inner self and give you the ability to overcome all challenges that you will face day to day. Meditation in Action explains the process of how to build a long term positive and stable mindset. It teaches you how to break through invisible barriers, release beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back and empowers you to free yourself of negative emotions, including stress, fear, anxiety, depression, anger, grief, to name a few.

Powerful concepts including ‘The Triangle of Creation’ and ‘The Game of Life’ will be uncovered to incorporate into every-day life. These advanced techniques when integrated into your daily routine, will build a mental inner core strength and with continued practice will enable you to sustain a stable, calm and clear mind, effective in managing solutions to the issues we face in our ever changing world, so that you can design a life of choice, happiness, growth and success. 

Life should not be a struggle but a celebration and Meditation and Mindfulness with its scientific, systematic, simple processes gives you the tools to live your best life and improve your health, relationships, career, personal growth and financial advantage.

There are many scientific studies that show Meditation and Mindfulness have additional health benefits including lessening the ageing effect on our bodies, strengthening our immune system and regulating our blood pressure. Happy mind, happy body, happy life! One of the best investments you can make in yourself.

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Achieve Emotional Balance

As you get older, you may struggle to find the perfect balance in your life. You may be unhappy in a relationship or stuck in a job you dislike. You may quit your job or leave a relationship but you will still have unresolved issues that need to be addressed.

Meditation and Mindfulness will enable you to sharpen your mind and give you the tools to address the imbalances in your life. You will benefit from a calm mind, stress-free living, stable emotions and positive thinking. For more information about Meditation and Mindfulness in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, contact the Positive Mind Group at

All of the Meditation and Mindfulness Courses and content at Positive Mind Group are not religious.

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