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Helping Your Child Develop a Healthy Positive Mindset, For a Life of Happiness and Success


The SoulKids programs are transformational courses that help to develop your child in a positive and balanced way.  Your child will learn about leadership, teamwork, discipline and success through games, story-telling activities and role play, in a fun and interesting environment helping them develop from early childhood through to their early adult years.







“Children are our legacy, they are the future and I believe strongly that we need to support them in whatever way we can to help them grow, for they all have the potential to be exceptional.  They need a positive mindset, help in finding their purpose, support in growing their abilities and room to shine.”

- Philippa Ilincic, Positive Mind Group Owner





Positive Mind Group Courses For Children

SoulKids Group Programs

SoulKids training is a fun, fast paced, in-depth, structured program that supplements and supports the academic teaching that children receive through schooling. It is non religious and welcomes children from all religions and cultural backgrounds. Children learn best when they are having fun. The SoulKids group programmes will allow children to build their self-confidence and develop their creativity through fun games and activities with their peers. Your kids will learn:

  • To build self-awareness
  • To develop self-belief and self-confidence
  • To understand how their mind works and identify their strengths
  • About effective leadership and teamwork
  • How to communicate effectively

  • To understand the importance of and how to set goals
  • About responsibility and accountability
  • To understand the importance of growing independence
  • Key critical life skills not developed in the academic school system
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  SoulKids Quick Start – Taster 3 hour session: £75

About SoulKids Quick Start

(3 hours - Taster program)

This 3 hour taster program uncovers the magic of what SoulKids offers in a short period of time.  Fun stories along with activities and games are shared with the children offering them valuable life lessons in wisdom, with some tools and techniques that they can put into practice straight away.

Some of the key learning points:

  • Your value never changes no matter what others say
  • Doing new things encourages growth
  • Self confidence is clear to see
  • High self-esteem brings out the best in you
  • Team work is necessary in life
  • Positive thinking makes me happier


Age Groups: 6-10 Years and 10-15 Years

Program duration: 3 Hours

Price: £75

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Private Courses Still Available

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For more information on SoulKids program, contact Positive Mind Group at info@positivemindgroup.co.uk.

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  SoulKids Self-Confidence – 10 hours, split over 2 days: £250

About SoulKids Self-Confidence

(10 hours  - Full program)

This program is all about growth, it allows children to first acknowledge their inner skills base and potential, then inspires them to build on these unique skills, whilst celebrating the fact that everyone is different and great benefit can be gained from working together in teams, utilizing each child's unique and differing skill base. This not only creates new aspirations and goals for the children but starts to develop a positive mindset, increasing their self-confidence and self-esteem, enabling them to become less affected by negative comments and issues with peers, whilst developing their positive thinking which can turn many situations on their head swiftly and reducing any stress and anxiety in given challenging situations. The program is shared with the children through the use of stories, activities and games building on teamwork and fun role-play situations.

Some of the key learning points:

  • You decide your value and no one can take this away
  • Doing new things encourages growth
  • Self confidence is clear to see
  • Team work is necessary in life
  • Positive thinking makes me happier
  • Persistent effort brings reward in life
  • How to learn from negative experiences
  • No two people see the world the same


Age Groups: 6-10 Years and 10-15 Years

Program duration: 2 Days, 10 AM to 4 PM

Price: £250

View Dates : Sold Out               Awaiting New Dates.                    Private Courses Still Available

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For more information on SoulKids programs, contact Positive Mind Group at info@positivemindgroup.co.uk.

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  SoulKids Creative Mindset – 10 hours, split over 2 days: £250

About SoulKids Creative Mindset

(10 hours  - Full program)

This is a follow on program from the ‘Self-Confidence' foundation course.  It gives children many tools and techniques to realise and build their inner potential to new levels.  The children start to develop an understanding and skill base, utilising certain techniques and tools for different challenging situations that may arise in life. With role-play underpinning these key life lessons, they understand how to tackle situations in differing ways for positive results.

Open minded problems solving sessions, help the children to explore all ideas without judgement, allow innovation to flow and highlight their inner strengths. This brings heightened awareness of how the minds works, builds their positive mindset and allows them to realise that their future potential has infinite possibilities, releasing visions of future goals and dreams to aspire to.

The program is shared with the children through the use of stories, activities and games building on teamwork and fun role-play situations.

Some of the key learning points:

  • New, inspiring and fun stories
  • How to think creatively
  • How not to limit yourself
  • How to be open minded and step out of your comfort zone
  • To never give up at the first hurdle
  • How to create a vision and stick to it no matter what
  • How your thoughts create beliefs
  • To have the courage to be original


Age Groups: 6-10 Years and 10-15 Years

Program duration: 2 Days, 10 AM to 4 PM

Price: £250

View Dates - Sold Out              Awaiting New Dates.                     Private Courses Still Available.

Want to learn more? 

For more information on SoulKids program, contact Positive Mind Group at info@positivemindgroup.co.uk.

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  Individual Private Coaching Online/In Person - From £75 (Click to see more)

1-to-1 coaching is perfect if your child would like to go at their own pace.  Positive Mind Group utilises the award winning SoulKids training using key tools and techniques, providing in-depth coaching that will be tailored to the individual needs of your child, specifically built to identify, address, resolve and grow your child's positive mindset, throughout the sessions,  breaking down barriers, building up self esteem, self confidence and giving your child the tools to be able to to drive ownership and responsibility of their ongoing growth and happiness. This is very fulfilling for the individual child and goes much further than dealing with the initial issue, many children proud to become SoulKids Ambassadors in Life Skills to share with their peers and sibblings.   

Your child may be feeling the pressures of moving school or perhaps they are having problems adjusting to early adulthood. I will build a relationship with your child that will allow me to provide support and help them develop the practical tools to overcome the challenges they face and support them in their personal growth and development.

1-to-1 coaching sessions are conducted between the certified SoulKids Coach and the child in an environment that the child will feel comfortable in. These sessions teach essential life skills that will help your child create greater self-confidence, increase their feeling of self-worth, enhance their creative thinking, increase their sense of responsibility and much more. Important tools and techniques will be shared with the children that will allow them to release and let go of stress, anxiety and fears, enable them to create a positive mindset, expand their belief systems and most importantly build lasting happiness and success to take forward into adulthood.


  • One hour coaching session with is £75.
  • A package of 3 coaching sessions is £215.
  • A package of 6 coaching sessions is £400.

How It Works

All coaching sessions are conducted in a mutually agreed safe environment for your child and a date and time mutually decided between the parent and SoulKids coach.

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  Programs For Schools & Corporations


The Soulkids programs can be tailored to accommodate your school or corporate environment.  Children from ages 6 to 15 will be able to learn about leadership, confidence, creativity and mindfulness.  School programs can be taught at weekends, after school, or on holiday camps. 

For corporate customers we offer tailor made life skills based employee and family programs to enrich and support staff members and their families.

The goal of the programs are to be flexible and offer different formats to suit the audience, age group, or educational theme that a school may be focused on relating to its core values or PSHEE lessons. Whilst corporate programs can interrelate with business key values specific to staff wellbeing, providing life skills to support creating and maintaining a happy, healthy, balanced work and family life.  Key life skills and tools will be shared on being happy at work, positive parenting, and techniques on improving self-confidence and self-esteem in children and adults alike. These courses can be tailored to suit the leadership team, all the way through to the staff and their families.

If you would like to learn more about Meditation, Mindfulness, SoulKids group programs or individual coaching sessions for children, schools and corporate opportunities in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, contact Positive Mind Group at info@positivemindgroup.co.uk


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What is the difference between SoulKids programs and Individual coaching?

Simply, the SoulKids 1-to-1 sessions are individual and allow your child to go at a pace that you can choose and book sessions that may be more suitable and convenient for your timetable. 

The individual support and attention within these sessions allows them to be tailored to target specific issues your child may be struggling with. These can be discussed at an in-depth level, as the SoulKids coach can build a trusting relationship with your child, whilst time will allow for layers of tools and techniques, to be practised and build levels of results, ensuring that your child has a strong foundation to be able to deal with all challenges that life will throw in their path. 

Both the group programs and the 1-to-1 sessions are excellent investments in your child's future personal development and growth, it is more of a personal choice as to which route you feel works best for you and your child.


  The Process of 1-to-1 Sessions

These transformational results based sessions allow the certified SoulKids coach to not only work on any issues at hand but also ensure that the child is equipped with an ongoing learning platform, for them to grow and thrive in life instead of just surviving in many situations.

The sessions will focus on specific outcomes and goals set with agreed joint responsibility between the coach and the child. This creates a level of motivation for the child to take ownership and responsibility for action to make change.

The change process is different for every child in terms of the time it takes for issues to be addressed, action to be taken and results to follow through, every child is different and the way that they approach the coaching sessions very much depends on how open they are to be part of their own personal growth and development.

The more willing the child is to be an active part of the process from addressing the initial issues to, working through solutions and agreeing joint action plans with the coach, the quicker the results will flow.

Positive change can appear very quickly and ongoing feedback from satisfied parents and children have suggested that SoulKids coaching sessions have been highly effective and transformational within the duration of a few sessions. The content of the coaching sessions is fun, engaging, simple to understand  and interactive enough to maintain the concentration and willingness of the child to be part of these sessions and deliver positive results.

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  What kind of issues can SoulKids help with?

Your child may be feeling the pressures of moving schools, or perhaps they are having problems adjusting to early adulthood, addressing physical development and hormonal imbalances playing havoc on their emotional state. There may be changes in family relationships affecting their state of mind, or peer pressure at school that is causing anxiety and ongoing distress, it may entail image and identity problems, or fears that are increasing and causing ongoing distress, it could also be grief, or a lack of self-confidence and drive. Whatever the issues are, you will already know that they are causing your child emotional distress.

A certified SoulKids coach is trained to connect and build trust with your child, working on the issues, breaking down barriers, analysing problems from the root upwards. Giving your child support mechanisms and tools to deal with these issues, all working towards gaining positive mental strength. The coaching will help your child not only work through their existing challenges, it will show them how to create positive change and drive action to solve their problems, releasing their negative emotions. It will also create supportive tactics for them to keep using going forwards and help them reconnect with the feeling of joy and happiness. Your child will be shown practical tools that they can use to support themselves with future challenges in life, allowing them to build their self-confidence and self-esteem, so that they can focus on realising their true potential and achieving a life of joy, happiness and success.

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If you would like to learn more about my Mindfulness courses, SoulKids group programs or individual coaching sessions for children in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, contact Positive Mind Group.

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Helping Navigate Life's Challenges

From a very young age, children are subjected to various pressures, socially, mentally, physically and also academically, many with the goal of preparing them for secondary school, then university or college and onto successful careers and lives. 

Within this journey, children rarely learn about building a positive mindset, developing self-esteem and building self-confidence, all essential life skills needed to live a happy, healthy and balanced life.

Life skills are needed for a child to successfully navigate through life's ongoing challenges and include:

  • Positive thinking
  • Bring about resilience
  • Communicate effectively
  • Work as a team player

  • Develop leadership characteristics
  • Realise inner potential
  • Create drive

  • Learn the right place for competitiveness
  • Understanding balance of  empathy Vs. ego 


These are fundamental to the values of SoulKids programs that Positive Mind Group offer and play a key role in equipping children with all the essential tools that will provide them with a great foundation for later years.





Why Invest in SoulKids For Your Child?

Vikas Malkani, the World No. 1 Wisdom Coach recognised a need for a programme that educated Children in Life skills alongside the academics of schooling and created an Award Winning, international brand of excellence – SoulKids.

Vikas realised that the solution is simple, to work with children and help them change their mindset and belief patterns about what they felt was possible and achievable in their lives. To give them a practical set of tools to be able to realise their inner abilities and techniques to create a life of their choice, building happiness and success themselves, as a child and as an adult.

  • To create lasting happiness
  • To increase self-esteem
  •  To build a positive mindset

Mindfulness courses Marlow. Essential life skills for children - SoulKids.

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Developing Self-Esteem & Teamwork

Vikas's research showed that there were 2 key qualities people needed in life to achieve the goal of happiness and success, in order to feel fulfilled, joyful and an increased sense of self-worth.  The first quality was understanding how to develop self-esteem and the second essential skill that needed to be learnt, as we cannot live without support, is teamwork.

The SoulKids program was created to teach these key qualities and expand on them in the form of essential life skills, through story-telling, games, fun and interactive role play, all sharing extremely important life lessons.  From this children start to change and become more positive, confident and start to take more responsibility and ownership and grow internally creating their own happiness and success.

SoulKids is being taught internationally in many countries across the world by coaches and mentors trained by Vikas Malkani, the No. 1 Wisdom Coach in the World. SoulKids is hugely successful and has won many awards because it stays true to its original roots and discipline of why it was created. SoulKids simply aims to give children the skills and tools needed to create their best life, to overcome stress and tension found in daily tasks and events and empower them to create a positive can-do mindset and find the ability to create joy and find happiness in their lives as they grow.

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Mindfulness courses in Marlow. Essential Life Skills for Children - SoulKids.




You’ve been so incredibly amazing with Raphael...

Philippa. Thank you for your great insight. You’ve been so incredibly amazing with Raphael and he definitely remembers each and every one of the wonderful sessions you shared with him really well. We are appreciative of your guidance and thoughtfulness. Jade Alphonsine   |     |  

My son is showing signs of joy after meeting Philippa...

My son is showing signs of joy after meeting Philippa for the 1st introductory session. We are using the shared deep breathing and all the coping mechanisms learnt in the sessions. Looking forward to seeing Philippa again. Helen Ong   |     |  

Cassidy loves you and she said that she would love to see more of you...

Philippa, I can already see that you will be an amazing coach! U are made for this!!! Cassidy loves you and she said that she would love to see more of you. Grace Lim   |     |  

Isla just had the one session and really enjoyed it and asked for more...

Isla just had the one session and really enjoyed it and asked for more. She really liked Philippa and it was good to remind her of the stories and lessons from the SoulKids Self-Confidence Course which Philippa said she remembered really well! It was nice to receive positive feedback after her session and I may look at doing more in the future. Thank you. Vanessa Clementson   |     |  



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